2015 has been such a whirlwind and to be honest, since the accident in October, I’ve been in a time warp and in the thick of a huge personal growing season.

The last blog post I posted was October 15th, 2015 – just one day before the major car accident that left me with multiple fractures and breaks in my right pelvis. That was 77 days ago, or 2 months, 16 days including today. The time has gone by quickly, but also slowly, so today I took time out to look at my entire year in photos on my iPhone to get a real feel for all the incredible people and experiences that have blessed me throughout this time. Things that are missing from these images are all the friends that visited me in the hospital; phone calls, text messages, direct messages, cards, flowers, and gifts of support that were sent from around the world during my recovery; and I want to let you all know what a huge positive impact you have had on my life. You have opened my eyes and changed me in ways you will never know. Through you support and love, you have all carried me through this time of healing and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The year began with my new engagement, and quickly moved on towards building my career in South Florida presenting seminars with Photo Workshops Miami and Kendall Camera Club in addition to photographing wonderful CEOs, sports commentators, and artists in the community here.

In March I traveled to Key West with my mom, aunt, and mother-in-law-to-be to share a glorious sunset together, got to experience Disney World for the first time in my life with my mom and aunt, and basically reverted to the joys of being a kid again in the most magical place on earth!


Fishing has been my zen and I caught my first shark, waded through waist-deep ocean holding another shark to show it to some kids 50 yards away in another boat, and found the joys of marine lifestyle, including stand up paddle board. The ocean continues to be a very special place for me and I hope to overcome my great fear of sharks and actually swim with them in peace soon!


Visits from my family in Seattle and Sioux Falls, friends from France, and new friends have been wonderful in our Miami home and I look forward to more visits in the new year.


This last year I had the pleasure of traveling with my love to race tracks around the world photographing race cars and motorcycles and got to experience a completely new hobby and meet new friends I would have never had dreamed of meeting ever in my life.


Four years ago I had an extreme fear of being in front of the camera, and through a lot of hard work over the last few years and finally overcome that fear and now enjoy it! This year our good friend and lifestyle photographer Ace Noguera shot our engagement photos on our favorite beach.

I’ve embraced my church, Christ Fellowship, and found a deep joy and happiness in volunteering in the Local Missions serving children in hospitals and Giving Hope.


I got to travel to the Bahamas to shoot the pilot for Polaroid’s newly launched online education platform, Polaroid University, and am privileged to be working with national C&I Studios filming that pilot and the entire location-based film schedule. This is my ultimate dream job I’ve been praying for! It is such a blessing to have such a great team of folks and friends to work with that want to better the photography industry and I am super stoked to continue filming with them in 2016!



As sucky as the accident was, and how the healing process seems to lag on forever, I’ve got to express that I am:

  1. Grateful to be alive.
  2. Grateful for all the friends and family who love and support me every single day.
  3. Grateful I am never alone with 3 awesome pets who love to cuddle with me every single moment of every day.
  4. Grateful that I have someone who loves me that sticks by my side, even on my worst of days, who carries the torch and all the weight for our house.
  5. Grateful that I got to visit my family in Seattle this year.
  6. Grateful to my friend John Cornicello for photographing me and documenting this moment in my life.
  7. Grateful for my progression in healing.
  8. Grateful that I will be able to run again in 2016!

IMG_9698 IMG_9699

So with that, the only 2016 New Year’s Resolution, Intention, and Goal for 2016 is to fully run again and to make the best of my legs as I am lucky to have them!

Wishing you all the most happy nights celebrating a close to 2015, and may you all have blessings abound in 2016!

Love to you all,

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