Part 1 of what I pack for destination wedding and travel photography: My Think Tank Photo Airport Security™ Camera Bag.

I keep my camera gear manageable and in ONE camera bag with me ON THE PLANE:

    • 2 DSLR camera bodies
    • 1 Film camera body
    • 7 lenses + my Lens Baby
    • 2 SB-800 flash units
    • 2 RS-W1 camera straps by BlackRapid
    • 1 RS DR-1 double camera strap by BlackRapid
    • 3-5 HÜFA™ Holder lens cap clips
    • Small umbrella light
    • 20′ extension cord
    • Surge protector
    • 2 battery chargers
    • 6 batteries
    • AA batteries
    • 18 – 2GB CF cards
    • 1 – 12GB CF card
    • 1 – 16GB CF card
    • 10-15 rolls of 35mm film (both black-and-white and color)
    • Gaffer tape (my favorite item!)
    • Lens cleaning cloths
    • Miscellaneous office supplies
    • Business cards

The only camera bag that I’ve ever seen meet this packing challenge and pass airport carry-on dimension standards is my Think Tank Photo Airport Security™ Camera Bag. I’ve used it for years and it just totally rocks! (p.s. shopping tip: if you purchase the same camera bag from the link above, you will be able to select a bag to receive for FREE at checkout!).

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