Did you already see?
Part I: https://www.photosister.com/2011/04/beta-mansion-jen-nelson-part-ii/ and
Part II: https://www.photosister.com/2011/04/beta-mansion-jen-nelson-part-i/If not, go view them first so you can get the details of what is going down in this 3rd post of The Beta Mansion / The Beta Society  photo shoot with Jen Nelson, dance troupe member of Sister Kate.In this BTS footage from the oh-so-fabulous Behind the LIVE with Kenna and Susan you get full access at checking out my super rad Think Tank Photobags that I chose especially for this fun mansion shoot.The night before, I posted a mobile upload on Facebook asking my friends which bags I should pack and feature in this video. After thinking a bit of the multi-level mansion and the number of rooms I could be shooting in the next day, I opted for a couple of my Think Tank Photo Bags.My final choice:
Think Tank Photo Airport Security to hold my cameras, lenses, orbis™ ring flash, and Eddie my favorite 3 Legged Thing along with a RAD limited edition skull + crossbones TTP Pixel Pocket Rocket that I picked up for myself and my buddy Simon while at the PDN Photo Plus Expo with the BlackRapid crew last October in NYC.
TTP Retrospective 10 bagto hold my extra lenses, accessories and lip gloss (oh come on! ya’ know I’m the lip gloss queen) throughout the mansion shoot.
Check out the post following this one for a Photo Sister challenge and a WICKED COOL opportunity to win your own awesomesauce Pixel Pocket Rocket from Photo Sister + Think Tank Photo only on Facebook! Woot Woot!Secret hint: #Sparkletard
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