Very recently I was encouraged by Photo Brother Andy of (well, more like he gave me a big ol’ sit down and talking to) to do a cool photo series here on The Beta Mansion where members of The Beta Society reside in north Seattle. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been checking out how gorgeous the large-scale rooms are, and I want to photograph the rooms as the subjects with the artists being more of an accessory in the room. Make sense? I’m going to be doing my best to keep all my lighting as-is in each room and work with the natural light streaming through the windows. I’m going for an old-school dark and moody-blue feel, with all post-processing keeping with the look of real film (which I learned to shoot on).

When I shared the idea for the project with fellow Photo Sisters, Kenna and Susan – the AWESOME chat hosts of creativeLIVE – they joined me and filmed the behind the scenes of my first photo shoot with Jen Nelson, dance troupe member of Sister Kate.

Here’s the first video: photo from the shoot below the video so look on!

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