I’ve recently noted that when I take portraits of people I usually already have a rapport with them. We’re on hugging terms and go out for a cup of coffee or glass of wine after I capture their image. I know what what words to say to encourage a smile and topics to talk about to put them at ease in front of my lens.But what happens when you need to photograph a client you have never met? How do you shoot a stranger?In this video, I took to the urban streets in the Phinny Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, and challenged myself to ask a stranger if I could take their portrait. (there is a photo contest and TTP giveaway at the end of this video, so be sure to watch all of it!)

(you can see the series of photos at Facebook on the Photo Sister page)

How to Enter the Photo Sister Challenge:

  1. Hit the streets with your camera and a portrait of a stranger (NOT anyone you already know)
  2. Post the image on the Photo Sister Facebook wall with “Photo Sister Challenge: Shoot a Stranger + [Title of Image]”
  3. TAGPhoto Sister” AND “Think Tank Photo” in the photo on Facebook
  4. Tweet (if you are on Twitter) “I just entered the @thinkTANKphoto & @laraelobdell Photo Sister Challenge! http://PhotoSister.com”

Prize: Think Tank Photo Retrospective® 5 (Pinestone)
Entry Dates: May 11th-31st, 2011
Judging: June 1st-2nd, 2011
Winner announced: June 3rd, 2011

Introducing the New Retrospective®5 Camera Bag

Special thanks to the lovely Susan Roderick who shot this video for me and totally rocks! She is definitely a Photo Sister All Star!

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