I’ll be at PhotoPlus Expo 2010 in NY with BlackRapid and have TONS of R-Strap giveaways!

Go to BlackRapid’s Facebook Page for the details of giveaways happening Thursday and Friday evening at different parties across New York and below are details of a Twitter giveaway for each day of the show (Thursday, Friday and Saturday):

“Rated R Giveaway!”


See below for details:


1. Be at PhotoPlus Expo October 28-30, 2010
2. Follow BlackRapid @blackrapid and Photo Sister @laraelobdell on Twitter
3. Get the “Secret Movie Quote Phrase” Tweeted at 10:00 am (one Tweet per day)
4. Write the Phrase on the back of your business card
5. Hand your card to LaRae Lobdell (from PhotoSister.com)
6. Win the R-Strap for the day!!! (One RS-7 and One RS-W1 will be given to the first guy and gal each day!)

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