Photographing the artists of Seattle Theatre


“Celebration!” will be a large-scale 6-month solo exhibit of approximately 200 prints displayed over 3 floors of the historic ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle.



Celebration Exhibit Fundraising Campaign for LaRae Lobdell from LaRae Lobdell on Vimeo.


Be a part of the “Celebration!” Exhibit


About the Project

Hi there, my name is LaRae Lobdell and I am the founder of and the artist behind “The Working Artists of Theatre” project.

The Theatre Project started 16 months ago in January 2012 when I saw a need to give a new visual representation to the people who make up the theatre industry here in Seattle. I wanted to capture the spirit of the people who have made up Seattle theatre not only during the 2012-2013 years, but also those who have been shaping the industry for 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years. People who shaped the entire city’s art scene ON and OFF the stage.

Since then I have personally photographed over 200 individuals in over 16 theatre companies for free or for a drastically reduced rate. But I didn’t stop with just taking the images. Each artist received a full feature on my internationally recognized blog AND I was able to dedicate my professional skills in social media marketing to create a system where everyone wins: the box office had a rise in ticket sales, the artists were recognized and during this movement – for 16 months – Seattle Theatre was elevated.


The Impact

Now that this project has reached it’s end, it is my next goal to celebrate the unification of all the people involved with this project. On June 20th of this year, historic ACT Theatre will be hosting the grand finale of this art project in the form of an all-inclusive event titled “Celebration!”

This large-scale exhibit of all 200 participants I photographed will be displayed over 3 floors of the historic ACT building in downtown Seattle. This entire exhibit will be on display over the course of an entire theatre-season – through October 17th, 2013 – bringing further connection and elevation to all individuals, community and industry for Seattle’s performing arts.

What I Need & What You Get

To help me achieve my final goal with the Theatre Project – the “Celebration” Exhibit – I have decided to bring forward this fundraising campaign, my first ever.  The prints and frames alone are thousands of dollars, and this is where you come in!

Help me reach my funding Goal of USD $9,000 – net funds will go to:

  • Printing, framing and mounting for 200 images ranging from 18”x12” to 30”x45” {$8,275}
  • Marketing materials for on-site display thanking contributors and sponsors {750}
  • If fundraising exceeds the goal, I will be able to enlarge a few of the images beyond the 30”x45” size and have a printed book on display of the entire project (contributors receive a digital copy).
  • If I do not reach the funding goal, the event will still go ahead but scaled down from the initial plan.
  • I am working closely on my budget with the folks at ACT Theatre to make this an amazing exhibit!

Your Perks

I have AWESOME perks for those of you who are able to contribute to meet this goal in the form of individual or corporate sponsorship.

  • Everyone will receive a digital copy of the “Working Artists of Theatre” book by the end of June 2013.
  • Other Individual perks include signed prints, digital screen savers and name listed at the event and on website event page.
  • Corporate Sponsorship is encouraged as 300-500 people will be in attendance on opening night and thousands of people will walk through the exhibit over the 6-month duration.
  • There are different levels of corporate sponsorship and the perks include logo placement on the website, event pages, email campaigns from both LaRae and ACT Theatre, printed materials at the event, personal lifestyle and editorial shoots, ACTPass memberships, social media mentions and product placement at the event.

How you can be a part

Choose to click the “Contribute Now” button ON MY INDIEGOGO SITE HERE and select a perk that fits your lifestyle.

If you are not able to contribute in the form of money, you can show your support by sharing this fundraising link on your favorite social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your own blog or even by word of mouth. There are convenient social media buttons right here on this page to make that “share” easy for you.

Thank you in advance, for all your support and contributions in making this goal happen. I look forward to seeing you at the “Celebration!” exhibit and open house event at ACT Theatre on June 20th, 2013!!!

– LaRae Lobdell

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