If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook has a new image viewer for all your images and albums. It’s pretty sweet. It even allows people to download the images in high resolution (similar to flickr).

While that option is pretty cool for everyday images, it has occurred to many of us that high resolution images are a product that has value. We offer the images as prints and on disc for resale to our clients, so this may cause us to lose income.

What’s a Photo Sister to do?

My recommendation is to do what I do when sharing all professional images on any social media platform:

*Resize images for web 800px at longest side 72ppi
*Add your logo/brand to the image
*Save as a jpg for web, quality 8
*Choose quality option “Standard” (instead of “High Resolution”) when uploading to Facebook

If your images are already uploaded on Facebook in high resolution, consider deleting the album and re-uploading smaller images with branding.

You can see an example on one of my newest Facebook albums:

Europe 2010 from my D200

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