My man and his truck. He’s had his 2004 m200 F350 6.0 for a long time, she’s got 193,000 miles now, original engine (rare for a 6.0 diesel), and transmission. He changes the fluids regularly, and has done a lot of major modifications, all himself. He’s driven back and forth across the entire country over a dozen times with her, and on our drive moving from Seattle to Miami, had a problem in Missoula, Montana. The ONLY place open on this Sunday was the local Firestone, and they took his truck right in, replaced a major part, one if the front wheel hub assemblies. Not only was it done for the best price we’ve ever seen, it was finished in less than 2 hours. The guys there were amazing! After all the years and multiple close calls he’s shared with her, he could never part with her. And thanks again Firestone!!!

Help us get a new set of tires from Firestone Auto guys!!!!! #grateful #drivesafe #roadtrip http://bit.ly/1cdY7DG


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