Photographing artists in the Seattle theatre industry was a personal project I started in January 2012 as a way I could give back to my community while challenging myself in growing new skills capturing people in still imagery.  The artists are featured on are selected to give a fresh perspective and look to the individuals and inside world of the theatre that the every day person does not see, while at the same time, elevating the entire industry.

I am collecting pay-it-forward contributions from individuals and theaters that are invited donate a portion of their payment towards whatever resources they may have, and donating this “gift basket of services” to one deserving young and upcoming artist in the theatre industry to give them the elevation they need to launch their vocation.


Congratulations to young playwright Zoe Barker-Aderem

FIRST recipient of the Photo Sister Gift of Giving Project! 

Boundless Arts Performance Collective Comapny

Zoe Barker-Aderem is the Executive Director at Boundless Arts Performance Collective (BAPC). Her work has been performed at ACT Theatre and The Blank Theatre as part of Young Playwrights Festivals (2005 and 2009). A new play, “Sarah Was Here”, was produced at ACT Theatre in June 2012 by BAPC.

Miss Barker-Aderem has selected her short play called “The House” as the works to be performed and presented at West of Lenin at a date to be decided.

In 2004, I wrote a ten minute play ‘The House on 46th and Holly’ which focuses on the relationship between a woman with Alzheimer’s and a man who has fled conflict in Central America. The short play does a good job of efficiently developing this relationship, but obviously at such a short length the relationship lacks nuance. Furthermore, it lacks context. My goal for this project is to expand the play from ten minutes to approximately an hour and fifteen minutes by the beginning of June. In doing so, I will be able to further cultivate the central relationship between Ruth and Manuel, while exploring their back stories – especially between Ruth and her husband and Manuel and his twin sister.


A few details:


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