After receiving many questions from my Photo Sister’s out there regarding their new RS-W1 women’s camera straps by BlackRapid, I knew a more informative tutorial needed to be made available.

My lovely friends over at Mad Pants Studio rallied to the occasion last week and put this video together. It should answer all the basic questions, it’s everything I could think of on the fly, but if you have any other questions, as always, drop a note in the comment section below!

LaRae Lobdell leads you through/basic SETUP TIPS & FEATURES for the RS-W1 LADIES CAMERA STRAP from BLACKRAPID.

The photographer-designed R-Strap represents a major innovation in speed and comfort, allowing you to shoot faster, free of pain, in the most demanding situations. Grab. Glide. Click.

For more tips and videos, or to order visit:

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