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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Introducing you to Roger, a jovial, big-spirited man who has a knack for telling jokes to strangers while waiting in line at a small gas station in Braselton, GA.

America - Roger in Georgia tells LaRae Lobdell of Photo Sister a joke at a gas station in Braselton
Roger in front of his Ford truck after telling LaRae Lobdell of Photo Sister a joke at a gas station in Braselton, GA.


As I was paying for my bag of ice and 12-pack of Bud Light at the register, Roger closes the gap between us, leans in all serious like, and says:

R: “You know I figured out the secret to what women want.”
LL: “Yah? What’s that?” I looked him square in the face, sparkle in my eyes.
R: “Women want security. You know how I know that?”
LL: “No, tell me.” Little playful smile creeping up my lips.
R: “Well, every time I go to a bar and start talking to a woman, she yells for Security!”

Any proper demeanor and hope of etiquette vanished in a split second and I busted up laughing along with the store clerk. Roger humored his small audience further with a follow up which I recorded for your ears’ pleasure:

That bark he made, yah, that was when I went to touch his neck. I jumped back about 10 feet in surprise!


As always, thanks for reading and listening in to a little story from the American road.




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