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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Say hello to Mahnar, attendant at a 7-11 station off the Chicago tolls in Belvidere, IL. Mahnar has lived in this area for almost two years and doesn’t rally like it here because “it’s too cold.” He misses his last home in Pennselvania, where he lived for five years with his family before moving here.

But, he and his family are together and he is making the best of it, even though his least favorite part of the job, picking up all the garbage from the parking lot, still has to be done tonight in 7F degrees, -15F with the wind chill.

He loves Florida and has been there a couple of times. Remembering the memories of happy days in the warm sun, a big smile came across his face.

Mahnar shook my hand and wished me a safe drive and a happy life.


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