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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Say hi to Korine at the Sunoco off the Pennsylvania Turnpike outside of Plainfield. Better yet, she will probably be the one to say hello to you first!

This absolute sweet soul stopped everything she was doing at work to make sure I had a warm and genuine greeting as I walked in from the 22F degree parking lot.

Korine loves to travel but preferrs going in the summer and admitted she couldn’t wait until spring when it’s warm and she can enjoy the country once again. Her favorite place to go on a vacation is a short road trip not too far away in the Pocono Hills with her husband driving, the windows down, her hair flying in the delicious wind, and some good tunes playing.

She added that the majority of the road trip is a battle between her and her husband: he wants to listen to the sound of truck engine and she wants to listen to music blaring from the speakers.

As we were both laughing at this connection, she waves me goodbye with a beautiful “God bless you!”

I walked back out into the cold winter evening and 1,500 miles still ahead of me wondering how many amazing and inspiring people we have yet to meet.


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