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Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet John, also known as JF to family and friends in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. He is also known as “dad” to my man, so for the sake of keeping names straight, I’ll call him JF here in this post.

We have been resting up here from our road trip for the last two days, and with the thought of getting back on the road tomorrow, came the inevitable maintenance and repairs due on our trailer. So as soon as he awoke, Jon ran outside to work side-by-side with JF to fix one of our trailer tires, axle, and finally JF’s compact tract loader that had frozen mud slowing down the unercarraige traction.

The father-and-son team seem to share a single brain, an entertaining idiosyncrasy shown evident as they work together seamlessly and quietly. Neither like to be the center of attention, and when I ran outside to take his photo, JF ran behind the tract loader to hide from me. I chased him down, obviously, and he reluctantly let me grab a quick shot.

He is a giving, sharing, kind soul. One who has given us his own bed to sleep in and his home to rest in for the last couple of days, one who has taken an entire day to ensure we are safe and secure for the many miles ahead.

Whenever you think of the character MacGyver, think of JF.


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