My ideal personality to photograph is one who is charismatic, intriguing, and doesn’t hold back.

Lucky for me, New York Playwright Tommy Smith was in Seattle during the production of his WHITE HOT West Coast premiere.  When I asked Tommy if I may take his portrait, he kindly obliged. He had only 5 minutes to spare this day, and he graciously gave them to me in the remaining daylight.

We dashed behind West of Lenin’s performance space (where WH is running) to the ally. In the frosty Seattle wind, this talented man brought his handsome presence to my lens for these portraits.


[EDIT: Original photos from this shoot removed by request. These images were shot during our shoot in Brooklyn, NY to promote his play ‘LOTUS EATERS EP.”]



“[Tommy Smith] is writing in the shadow of our most daring and politically incendiary of martyred playwright saints, Sarah Kane and Edward Bond … WHITE HOT is bleak terrain, a buried cesspool of self-loathing and unseemly, sadistic yearnings in love. The play can be read as a critique of the deadening fallout of our reactionary, materialistic, exploitative and soulless era. It can be read as a bad dream or a soap opera about the banality of evil. However you read it, it doesn’t go down easy.” 
– Craig Lucas, New York Theatre Review 

Want to see it for yourself?

I do.

WHITE HOT is running January 20th – February 11th, 2012 and you can get tickets for yourself and friends right here:

Geared up for this 5-minute shoot with:
BlackRapid RS-W1
Think Tank Photo Retrospective® 10 (Pinestone) Shoulder Bag

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