Photographing artists Rebecca Olson and Hana Lass of Ballard House Duet


Custom Made Play Project’s first program is flourishing with playwright Paul Mullin writing “Ballard House Duet” for actresses Rebecca Olson and Hana Lass.  Directed by Erin Kraft (who is also the Casting Director for Seattle Repertory Theatre), the play’s world debut is at Washington Ensemble Theatre December 7-17, 2012.

I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to work with these very talented and lovely women.  So far the images from our shoot together was used in their published script and ran in The Stranger.

By deepest thanks and gratitude to artist Wynne Earle for being an amazing assistant on this shoot!

[photography and show details below] 


Go see Rebecca Olson and Hana Lass in “Ballard House duet” at Washington Ensemble Theatre

Catch “Ballard House Duet” written  by Paul Mullin and directed by Erin Kraft at Washington Ensemble Theatre in Seattle, December 7-17, 2012.


“Two estranged sisters reconnect at a house in Ballard to rescue their Great Aunt from a premature death at the hands of her own compulsive hoarding. As they wade through a lifetime of accumulated possessions – and personal grudges – they must decide: What has value and what are they better off just throwing away? Ballard House Duet is the inaugural production of the Custom Made Play Project, which matches local playwrights with local actors to develop and produce new plays of regional significance. This intimate, absorbing world premiere by Stranger Genius Paul Mullin was developed with and for actresses Hana Lass and Rebecca Olson.”

More info about the project:


Photography details

Nikon D700

Lens White Backdrop:
Lens: Nikon 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 – Aperture: f/6.3 – Shutter: 1/200 – ISO: 200
Lens: Nikon 12-24mm 4.0 – Aperture: f/6.3 – Shutter: 1/200 – ISO: 200
Lens: Nikon 10.5mm 2.8 – Aperture: f/6.3 – Shutter: 1/125 – ISO: 200

ONE Nikon SB-800 flash with the Westcott 43″ Apollo Orb off camera.

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