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Four hours photographing choreographer Olivier Wevers at his private home in Seattle made for a fantastic and creative afternoon.  The artistic director of Whim W’Him lives near a friend’s peaceful garden that spans over a cliff and onto a beach.  Artwork hides in the corners of the garden and one must pay attention to look up, down and all around, to catch a glimpse of it all.  The biggest surprise was to see “Ruby”, the original piece designed for Seattle’s Pigs on Parade by glass artist Dale Chihuly nestled in among Alaska Shasta Daisies.

Special thanks to my friend Ian Spiers for helping me with lighting this session.


Q&A with choreographer Olivier Wevers

PhotoSister: Who or what inspires you the most in your personal life?  And in your professional life?
Olivier Wevers: Everything! I use the beauty and struggles. Personal and professional, what’s the difference? The ugly side of life can be so beautiful, and dance is life!

PS: What is the one thing you splurge on for yourself?
OW: Anything I can share with someone. Time with friends, entertainment, trips. And my husband of course!

PS: The Beatles or Elvis?
OW: Both! Why choose?

PS: What do you fear the most?
OW: Failure, disapproval and bugs.

PS: Who is your favorite superhero and/or supervillain?
OW: I know so many superheroes, and they are all my favorite aka my friends/The Marquise de Merteuil or Glenn Close.

PS: What makes you happy?
OW: My husband’s quinoa salad.

PS: What kind of people do you surround yourself with?
OW: I don’t think about it. I am open to and love spontaneity!












Go see Olivier’s work in  “Hedda Gabler” at Intiman Theatre

Catch “Hedda Gabler” at Intiman Theatre in Seattle, July 11th – August 25th, 2012.

Olivier Wevers is from Brussels, Belgium. He received his training at the Karys Dance Center with Nicole Karys, a former dancer with Béjart’s Ballet du XXième Siecle. He was a Principal at Royal Winnipeg Ballet, dancing regularly with Evelyn Hart, prior to joining Pacific Northwest Ballet in 1997 where he is a Principal Dancer. Mr. Wevers versatility as a dancer and actor accounts for his vast repertory. He has performed lead roles in all the major full-length classical ballets, as well as an extensive list of contemporary works by the world’s most noted choreographers. He stands out in roles that require character development and intense emotional color. Olivier Wevers performed the Divertissement pas de deux in the BBC’s 1999 film version of PNB’s production of Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, filmed at Sadler Wells Theatre, London. He has performed as a guest artist with numerous North American ballet companies and the Reiko Yamamoto Ballet Company (Japan). He has appeared at Le Gala des Étoiles, Dancers for Life, The Millennium Gala (Japan), and the Aoyama Ballet Festival (Japan). In 2001, he toured Asia with Evelyn Hart, performing Van Dantzig’s Romeo and Juliet. In 2004, he performed as a guest artist for New York City Ballet’s Balanchine Centennial, and in 2005, he performed with Peter Boal and Company. Mr. Wevers has choreographed works for numerous companies in Canada, Japan, and the United States, including: Pacific Northwest Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater, Seattle Dance Project, and Cornish Dance Theater and was selected to participate in the 2009 National Choreographers Initiative, held in Irvine California. In 2008, he was the recipient of the Artist Trust/ Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship Award, recognizing his work, Shindig, commissioned from PNB. In 2006, he was selected and participated in the prestigious New York Choreographic Institute. Olivier Wevers’ work has appeared in many dance festivals, including 2007’s Prix de Lausanne Gala in Tokyo, PNB’s Laugh Out Loud Festival, White Bird’s 4×4 Ballet Project, Against the Grain/Men in Dance and Seattle’s Bumbershoot. In 2009, Olivier Wevers founded his own dance company, Whim W’Him, in order to collaborate with artists and to further his choreographic vision.  The company premiered in January 2010 at On the Boards in Seattle to sold out houses and critical acclaim.




Photography details

Nikon D700

Lens beach: Nikon 70-210 f/4.5 – Aperture: f/8.0 – Shutter: 1/200 – ISO: 200
Lens bridge: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5 – Aperture: f/8.0 – Shutter: 1/160 – ISO: 400
Lens Chihuly: Nikon 60mm f/2.8 – Aperture: f/5.6 – Shutter: 1/160 – ISO: 400
Lens grass: Nikon 60mm f/2.8 – Aperture: f/5.0 – Shutter: 1/160 – ISO: 400
Lens pool house: Nikon 60mm f/2.8 – Aperture: f/5.6 – Shutter: 1/125-250 – ISO: 200
Lens pool house: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5 – Aperture: f/6.3 – Shutter: 1/200 – ISO: 200
Lens interior: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5 – Aperture: f/4.0 – Shutter: 1/100 – ISO: 800
Natural light and/or ONE Westcott 43″ Apollo Orb with speed light.
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