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You gotta’ love a gal like Carol Roscoe.  Her determined and high-spirited energy is contagious, and I couldn’t help but dig her quick, passionate moves in front of my lens.  She’s a fire cracker who seems to have just stepped out of Grease.  And I’ve got serious belt buckle envy.


Q&A with actor Carol Roscoe

Photo Sister: When you were young, did you imagine you would be on this particular journey in life? Why or why not?
Carol Roscoe: Never! I thought for sure I would either be an archaeologist or a pirate. I think I was five when my father told me there were no more pirates. I was devastated. Archaeology appealed to my incessant curiosity, digging up deeply buried facts and imagining the daily life of distant strangers. I guess acting isn’t that far off.

PS: Who or what inspires you the most in your personal life? And in your professional life?
CR: My huge extended family inspires me. They are some of the bravest, funniest, most intriguing people I have ever met.

PS: What is the one thing you splurge on for yourself?
CR: Fresh eggs and butter from Seabreeze Farm on Vashon Island.

PS: What 3 countries would you like to visit and what would you like to experience while there?
CR: I’d like to tour Knossos in Crete, do a language and cooking immersion in France.

PS: The Beatles or Elvis?
CR: Elvis for dancing, however, I only have Beatles albums in my music collection.

PS: What is your favorite restaurant pick in Seattle and the best dish on the menu?
CR: Currently, my favorite is a Blue Moon Burger on a gluten-free bun with all the usual trimmings plus the buffalo sauce.

PS: Actors only: Name one play or musical that you would like to perform in your life? What role would you want to play?
CR: Right now, I’d love to play Maggie in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.

PS: What do you fear the most?
CR: That thing at the bottom of dark basement stairs.

PS: Who is your favorite superhero and/or super villain?
CR: This one took a lot of thought, here goes: Darth Vadar might just be my favorite villain, and Samwise Gamgee my favorite unlikely hero.

PS: What makes you happy?
CR: Making something out of nothing makes me happy. Like making socks out of a ball of yarn or like making creme brûlée.

PS: What kind of people do you surround yourself with?
CR: I seem to surround myself with smart caffeinated people who like to talk and who use a lot of hand gestures.

PS: What personal adventure do you have in store for yourself this summer?
CR: I’m going to walk a labyrinth.




Go see Carole Roscoe in “Romeo and Juliet” and “Dirty Story” at Intiman Theatre

Catch “Romeo and Juliet” and “Dirty Story” at Intiman Theatre in Seattle, July 11th – August 25th, 2012.

Carol Roscoe’s credits at Intiman include: All My Sons, The Diary of Anne Frank, Native Son. Other Seattle: Pilgrims Musa & Sheri in the New World (ACT – TPS Gregory Award Winner), You For Me For You, The Whale, And When We Awoke There Was Light and Light (Icicle Creek Theater Festival); Twelfth Night, Hamlet (Seattle Shakespeare Company), Persuasion (Book-It); Getting Near to Baby, Shape of a Girl, The Magic City & others (SCT), & 14/48. Regionally, she performed in Chicago, Tucson, Phoenix, Washington, DC, and New York. She holds an M.F.A from the Shakespeare Theater at GWU. Teaches at Cornish College of the Arts and is a member of the Sandbox Artist Collective. Most recently, Carol directed The Art of Racing in the Rain at Book-It Rep.



Photography details

Nikon D700

wall: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5
Aperture: f/5.6 – Shutter: 1/250 – ISO: 400
motorcycle: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5
Aperture: f/10- Shutter: 1/250 – ISO: 200
old house: Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5
Aperture: f/7.1 – Shutter: 1/250 – ISO: 200
ONE Nikon SB-800 flash with the Westcott Micro Apollo off camera.
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