Photographing the artists of On the Boards Theatre

Earlier this spring I met dancer Markeith Wiley while as he was choreographing “reWilding” for the Satori Group.  Soon thereafter, I had the chance to photograph him in the studio. Hoping to bring forth the theartistic director’s liquid eyes in the imagery, I kept the setting simple and shot Markeith in natural light with a dark black background. As a second look, we did a simple lifestyle shoot of him and a Red Stripe sitting at my desk accentuating the grain in the wood and his amazing smile against the outdoor light glowing bright behind him.

After the shoot, the dancer maker, performer and instructor living his dream here in Seattle was soon on his way to On the Boards to rehearse for his new original dance piece “TRE (where were you)” with The New Animals for the much anticipated “NW New Works Festival 2013“.

Markeith Wiley Markeith Wiley Markeith Wiley   Markeith Wiley Markeith Wiley Markeith Wiley Markeith Wiley

Go see Markeith Wiley in “NW New Works Festival 2013”!

Go see Markeith Wiliey’s “TRE (where were you)” in NW New Works Festival 2013 at On the Boards in Seattle, June 14th-16th, 2013.

Markeith Wiley is a California native now living in Seattle WA. He is a dance maker, performer and instructor of many styles in the greater Seattle area. He holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. Markeith has studied under Mark Haines, Wade Madsen, Jason Olberg, Sofia Careras, Daniel Cruz, KT Niehoff and many others. He has performed with Cruz Control, Sandstrom Movement, The Seatown Allstars, The Sho, Saint Genet and DeLaRue Presents. Markeith is a co- founder of Stitch Movement Collective as well as theartistic director of The New Animals. Markeith is currently a Lingo company member and the choreographer ofWashington Ensemble Theatre’s first musical, “The Callers.”


Photography details

Camera: Nikon D700 Lens [used on set noted with *]: Nikon AF 50mm 1.4 – Aperture: f/4.0 – Shutter: 1/125 – ISO: 1600 Lighting [used on set noted with *]: *Natural Light Westcott Micro Apollo 2200 Paul C. Buff White Lightning X1600 Paul C. Buff 86″ Silver PLM™ parabolic umbrella Westcott 1895 72 x 72 Inch Large Scrim Jim Kit Westcott 301 Photo Basics 40-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector Bags [used on set noted with *]: Think Tank Photo Logistics Manager Rolling Camera Case *Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag Think Tank Photo Airport 4-Slight Think Tank Photo Airport AirStream Rolling Camera Bag Think Tank Photo Retrospective 10 Shoulder Bag (Pinestone) Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 Shoulder Bag (Blue Slate) Think Tank Photo Travel Pouch—Large *Think Tank Photo AA Battery Holder Camera Straps [used on set noted with *]: *BlackRapid Floral Woman’s Strap (RS-W1F) (Black) BlackRapid RS-W1 Plain Black Woman’s Strap (RS-W1B) (Black) BlackRapid RS-W1 Women’s Limited Edition WHITE Ballistic Nylon Camera Strap Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap (Black) Tripod: 3 Legged Thing “EDDIE” Carbon Fiber Tripod System with AirHed 2 Ballhead Accessories: Nice Industries Glow Blower Nasty Clamp
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